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Photo of the day 22072011

Lily, by Roberto Pagani

I took this photograph along a path starting from Premana, over Lecco Lake, northern of Italy, going toward Varrone Valley. I stopped somewhere looking around for the car keys fell out from my pocket. So I seen this wild lily with so gorgeous…
Photo of the day 16052011

El Coliseo Romano, by Ana Sylvia Encinas

When in Rome, do as the Romans. I looked at this architectural masterpiece for quite a while that November day, and came back at night to be able to photograph it in all its golden glory. The Roman Coliseum, an icon of the Italian land and a…
Photo of the day 17022011

Staircase, by Jon Rendell

A well worn, wooden staircase in one of the many campaniles (bell towers) of Bologna, Italy. Bologna is a wonderful city rich in history, culture, cuisine and knowledge marked by a pair of towers both leaning from poor foundations. Award…