The Wallarah Jetty by Leanne Lindsay

Experience the enchanting allure of Wallarah Jetty at Catherine Hill Bay in the warm embrace of a sunset, captured from the vantage point of a secluded cave. Steeped in history, this jetty witnessed the discovery of coal in 1867 and the subsequent rise and fall of mining operations. As the sun sets, casting a golden glow over the iconic structure, the weathered piers stand resilient against the backdrop of the ocean.

This photograph, taken during the golden hour, reveals a different facet of the jetty’s beauty. The warm hues of the sunset paint a serene picture, casting a tranquil glow on the disintegrating piers as they gracefully merge with the ocean. Having spent hours exploring various angles, this particular shot encapsulates the essence of the jetty’s enduring charm amidst the fading light. Join me in witnessing the convergence of history and nature, as Wallarah Jetty transforms into a mesmerizing silhouette against the canvas of a coastal sunset.

Nikon Z7ii | Sigma Art 24-70mm lens @ 24mm | f6.3 | Exposure 1/40 sec | ISO 320

The Wallarah Jetty (Catherine Bay Jetty) by Leanne Lindsay

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Born in Adelaide in 1962, Leanne Lindsay’s family moved to Sydney when she was 12 years old. She was gifted her first camera for her 21st birthday but a break-in saw her precious camera stolen just 3 years later. It was only in her late 50s she was able to afford to replace it and now in her 60s she has discovered a passion that was sadly lost many years ago. She now photographs families and newborns but enjoys architectural photography and landscapes in particular.

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