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Fishing on the Harbour by Leanne LindsayFishing on the Harbour by Leanne Lindsay

Fishing on the Harbour by Leanne Lindsay

I love the energy of street photography - the unexpected moments, the stories waiting to be captured. This afternoon, I found myself drawn to a bustling spot along the Sydney Harbour foreshore. Crowds ambled by, enjoying the afternoon sun, but my eye caught something unique - a family setting up fishing rods! Intrigued I don't know why, but I never considered you could fish in Sydney Harbour. I waited patiently as they baited their hooks and cast their lines. The harbour, usually a domain of ferries and sailboats, suddenly seemed like a whole new world. Mustering my courage, I approached them, camera in hand. Explaining I was a street photographer, I asked if I could capture them in action. They were friendly and happy to chat. Turns out, they're regulars here, and despite the harbor traffic, they often have a good haul! This photo captures the essence of that unexpected encounter. The family relaxed and focused, their lines cutting through the vibrant blue water. The backdrop of the Sydney Opera House fading into the background adds a touch of iconic grandeur.
Laughing Clowns by Leanne LindsayLaughing Clowns by Leanne Lindsay

Laughing Clowns by Leanne Lindsay

I have had a fear of clowns from when I was a small child. It's not just a fear, it's a phobia. To try to get over this phobia, whenever I am in Sydney, I try to go to Luna Park and photograph clowns at every opportunity. These ones were a safe option, as they weren't actually 'real' clowns, but I don't think it's helping. In fact, I think they're just laughing at me.
Beams on the Pier by Leanne LindsayBeams on the Pier by Leanne Lindsay

Beams on the Pier by Leanne Lindsay

This photograph holds a particularly cherished place in my memories of our 40th-wedding anniversary trip. The Pier One hallway, with its strikingly unique beams which formed part of the original pier warehouse structure. It felt almost transportive, stepping into that space for the first time. Pier One itself possesses a fascinating history. The building's origins lie in the early 1900s, when it functioned as a bustling wharf warehouse. Just imagine the transformation required to convert such a utilitarian space into the luxurious hotel it is today! Perhaps a moment of historical visualization is in order. Close your eyes and transport yourself to 1905. The building, brand new, would have thrummed with activity. Men in flat caps would have coordinated the loading and unloading of cargo, their voices competing with the distant cacophony of ships' horns. Now, fast forward a century. There we are, my husband and I, elegantly attired for our anniversary celebration, residing in a suite that once formed part of that very warehouse. It's a rather remarkable juxtaposition.
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