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Just for fun by Leanne LindsayJust for fun by Leanne Lindsay

Just for fun by Leanne Lindsay

Luna Park Sydney is an historic theme park on Sydney's spectacular Sydney Harbour, frequented for generations just for fun. On this day, I had gone there to take some street photography photos as you can usually find some interesting characters there. This clown caught my attention - she has such a lovely, happy smile, so I asked her if I could take her photo while she spun her hula hoop. Of course, she said 'Yes'.
Harbour Lights by Leanne LindsayHarbour Lights by Leanne Lindsay

Harbour Lights by Leanne Lindsay

Embark on a mesmerizing journey through the Sydney Harbor in this captivating photograph featuring a small boat adorned with flashing lights passing by the iconic Sydney Opera House. I've skillfully employed a deliberate slow shutter speed of 30 seconds, artfully capturing the enchanting blur of the ferry lights, creating a dynamic and immersive visual experience. The frame also reveals the subtle dance of another ferry's blurred lights emerging from behind the Sydney Opera House to the left, adding depth to the composition.
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