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Vanilla & Pistacchio Macarons by Leanne Lindsay

Vanilla and Pistachio Macarons by Leanne Lindsay

Who doesn't love French Macarons? I know I do, and I love baking them and photographing them, probably even more than I love eating them. This day, vanilla and pistachio were on the menu, and they didn't disappoint. The light in my apartment was perfect for food photography, so I spent the day in perfect bliss, taking many photographs of my macarons. I always feel at peace after baking and spending time with my camera - Heaven.
When the Light Hits the Buildings by Leanne LindsayWhen the Light Hits the Buildings by Leanne Lindsay

When the Light Hits the Buildings by Leanne Lindsay

I am fortunate enough to have this view from my apartment and get to look at it every day. Throughout the day, as the light changes, the buildings change colour. Sometimes, they are like a city of gold, and at other times, they are a stunning white. This particular afternoon I looked up from my laptop at just the right time and saw this stunning light hitting the buildings. Of course, I grabbed my camera and raced outside to take some photos.
Ivory Grace by Leanne LindsayIvory Grace by Leanne Lindsay

Ivory Grace by Leanne Lindsay

It was recently Valentines Day in Australia and the tradition is that women are given flowers by their partner, and my husband didn't disappoint. I think he expected I would put them in a vase and display them but I had other plans for these. I grabbed my camera, pulled the beautiful bunch of flowers apart and used the flowers as subjects for some creative still-life photography.
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