Miserable by Leanne Lindsay

Embark on a journey that took an unexpected turn, as captured in this evocative photograph. Initially set for a sunflower field, our day took a twist with the weather turning sour, and the planned destination closing its doors due to the sudden change. Undeterred, we ventured into the mountains, where fog enveloped the surroundings and the weather worsened. Amidst the gloom, we stumbled upon a captivating garden, bursting with vivid flowers and meticulous landscaping.

While I enthusiastically captured the beauty of the garden, my husband, ill-prepared for the chilly turn of events, was less than thrilled. The mismatched attire and lack of rain gear didn’t dampen my determination to convey the real emotions of that moment. Opting to underexpose the photograph and present it in black and white, I aimed to mirror the somber mood we felt—cold, wet, and somewhat miserable. The overall darkness, absence of color, and the fog in the image combine to encapsulate the genuine emotions of an unforeseen journey into the unexpected.

Nikon Z7ii | Sigma Art 24-70mm @ 27mm | f5.6 | Exposure 1/500sec with an exposure compensation value of +0.3 | ISO 125

Miserable by Leanne Lindsay

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November 10, 2023



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Born in Adelaide in 1962, Leanne Lindsay’s family moved to Sydney when she was 12 years old. She was gifted her first camera for her 21st birthday but a break-in saw her precious camera stolen just 3 years later. It was only in her late 50s she was able to afford to replace it and now in her 60s she has discovered a passion that was sadly lost many years ago. She now photographs families and newborns but enjoys architectural photography and landscapes in particular.

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