Circular Quay by Leanne Lindsay

This photograph, titled “Circular Quay,” captures the vibrant heart of Sydney from a unique perspective. Taken from the Cahill Expressway, the image swirls with the city’s energy, offering a fresh take on a familiar scene.

Circular Quay, the postcard-perfect finger of Sydney Harbour, is usually teeming with life. On this particular day, it was no different. Boats of all shapes and sizes bob along the water, from sleek ferries and private yachts to humble working vessels. The Cahill Expressway itself snakes gracefully overhead, adding a touch of modern dynamism to the timeless harbour scene. As I lean against the railing of the expressway above, camera trained on the bustling scene below. A seagull swoops overhead, its cry echoing amongst the city’s hum.

In “Circular Quay,” we see more than just a pretty harbour. We see a story of movement and connection, of a city that’s both grand and intimate. We see a place where people from all walks of life come together, drawn by the magnetic pull of the water and the shared hum of urban life. By looking down on Circular Quay from the Cahill Expressway above, we gain a new appreciation for its chaos and charm. We see the big picture, the intricate dance of boats, but we also see the small details, the quiet moments that make up the fabric of this iconic Sydney scene.

Nikon D850 | 24-70mm @ 36mm | f/20 | 1/30 sec | ISO 64

Circular Quay by Leanne Lindsay

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Born in Adelaide in 1962, Leanne Lindsay’s family moved to Sydney when she was 12 years old. She was gifted her first camera for her 21st birthday but a break-in saw her precious camera stolen just 3 years later. It was only in her late 50s she was able to afford to replace it and now in her 60s she has discovered a passion that was sadly lost many years ago. She now photographs families and newborns but enjoys architectural photography and landscapes in particular.

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