Impeccable by Roberto Di Patrizi

As I said, I’m a commuter. Every day I take pictures at the station. I took this photograph in February 2018, while I was taking the train back home after working. I know the man I photographed from behind. It’s commuter like me. He does not like to be photographed. He immigrated to Italy from Africa, congoide. I think his life hasn’t been easy. He is an austere type and not inclined to chat with strangers. I like his 50s style of clothing and his need to always look impeccable.

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Sony a7R II with Sony FE 55mm f/1.8 | Exposure 1/160sec @ f/1.8 | ISO 400 | Focal Length 55mm

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February 12, 2020



Value 12
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Street Photography

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Rome, Italiy

Roberto Di Patrizi started photography in October 2010, when his wife gave him a camera in his birthday. But he always shyly loves it. Even though he was born as a musician, he did guitar bar, as well as the street artist. He played a lot, without a goal, until when, at 35, he started working, first as a broadcast technician and later as a sound engineer, in a television station, where he also dealt with graphics and another great love blossomed: the CGI.

Current Location
Rome, Italy





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