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Eye-catcher Motorcycle by Wilfried ClausEye-catcher Motorcycle by Wilfried Claus

Eye-catcher Motorcycle by Wilfried Claus

A motorcyclist has just parked his heavy machine on the edge of Pulheim's market square and the gleaming chrome vehicle is already attracting attention. The midday sun makes the finely polished motorcycle sparkle in particular. A young man comes up and seems to be particularly interested in the motorcycle and inspects it more closely. That's right: such machines want to be seen!
Getting Ready to Cross The Road Over by Hirotoshi TakanoGetting Ready to Cross The Road Over by Hirotoshi Takano

Getting Ready to Cross The Road Over by Hirotoshi Takano

As my regular routine, on this shooting day, I went to Shibuya Center Street in Shibuya, Tokyo. At the near end of crosswalk just before getting to the street, I noticed the guy tieing his shoe lace in a hurry. Thought he's a very attractive motif, though, I wondered if I should shoot from his front side or not. Then I chose to shoot him from his back side, as there would be an empty space of people in front of him in the moment of traffic light was turning to red.
Street people in Prague by Mirka KrivankovaStreet people in Prague by Mirka Krivankova

Street People in Prague by Mirka Krivankova

Wenceslas Square, colloquially referred to as Václavák and known as Wenzelsplatz in German, was formerly named Saint Wenceslas Square and originally served as a horse market, known as Rossmarkt in German. Located in the New Town of Prague, it spans 750 meters in length and 60 meters in width, forming an elongated rectangle. The boulevard slopes from the National Museum to Můstek, bordering the Old Town. Over its history, Wenceslas Square has been witness to numerous significant events and has become a traditional venue for demonstrations, celebrations, and other mass gatherings. Often touted as the second-largest square in Prague and the Czech Republic, its upper part stands as the busiest pedestrian thoroughfare in the country.
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