Sebastian Proto

Sebastian Proto, Argentinian by birth and Italian by choice, has worked in graphics and design since 2000. His collaborations have been with a variety of companies that represent the areas of publishing, interior design, yacht design and product design. He is a versatile artist, exploring various modalities of communication of ideas. Since toddlerhood, he has had a passion for photography, exhibiting a personal, intimate and distinctive approach in his images. For him, taking photographs is a form of pleasure as he does not consider himself a professional photographer. His special interest is in finding the those details that reflect the small and grand expressions of life. For him, photography is a way to approach reality, to search for beauty, for irony for greatness and for the emotion hidden in the obvious the expression of daily life. He explores the “epiphanic” moment right under our consciousness that we are too inattentive to realize. He uncovers that hidden identity, that expression of self, that our ordinary patterns of thinking and living, do not readily reveal.

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