Birds Are Watching by Sasha Lytvinenko

It was two days before the new year. The road for walking near the beloved Black Sea was without people. Everyone was busy getting ready for the celebration. But the walk there in that time of the year always not alone. If you raise your eyes to the sky, you can see birds watching the sea and waiting for spring.

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iPhone 8 | Exposure 1/3003 sec @ f/1.7 | ISO 20 | Focal Length 28 mm

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July 12, 2019



Value 11
Clarity 11
Composition 14
Style 11
Skill 11

Award Category
Nature Photography

Photograph Location
Odessa, Ukraine

Sasha Lytvinenko was born in sunny Odessa, Ukraine. When she has free time she travels and loves active sports, especially riding motorcycle and snowboarding. She is always happy to meet new people. Her dreams is to go to Tibet. She hopes to get there in 2019 in winter. Sasha began photography very recently, but plans to study and develop and maybe make a film in the future.

Current Location
Odessa, Ukraine


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