Some Birds are Not Meant to be Caged by Dipsankar Saha

This shot was taken in the Alipore zoo, Kolkata, varieties of animals were there but this blue and yellow macaw got my attention. These birds are so beautiful and so big in size also, what a wonderful bird it is, it’s feather its colors were so vibrant that one can never miss an opportunity to watch a beautiful bird like this. At that time one thing strikes in my mind that these birds are not meant to be caged rather than they should fly free in the sky.

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Nikon D5200 | Exposure 1/320sec @f/5.6 | ISO 2000 | Focal length 300mm

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July 13, 2019



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Wildlife Photography

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Alipore Zoo, Kolkata, India

Born and lives in the city of joy – Kolkata, India, Dipsankar Saha loves to explore new places whenever he gets a chance. Throughout much of his adult life, he has been travelling, seeking adventure and ways to learn from and interact with cultures, which are very different from his own. Thus photography has become a great excuse for him to look deeper and to make his experiences more intense.

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Kolkata, India


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