Their Shadows, by Abdellah Azizi

I took this photo when I was covering a music concert. The two policemen were standing under a hard streetlight, while people were walking around them. I waited until a man with a bicycle got in, to add some dynamic to the shoot.

Tourist View, by Abdellah Azizi

Nikon D90 with 18-200mm | Exposure 1/25sec @ f/7,1 | ISO 800 | Focal Length 46mm
Tourist View, by Abdellah Azizi

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | January 12
Award Score: 66 (Value 13, Clarity 12, Composition 17, Style 12, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Black & White Photography
Photograph Location: Ouarzazate, Morocco

Photographer: Abdellah Azizi (Ouarzazate, Morocco) Registered
Born in Ouarzazate in 1987, Abdellah Azizi is a passionate photographer from Morocco, who loves to photograph South Moroccan landscapes, people, folklorists’ bands, and the life of the rich part of Africa. After finishing high school, Abdellah applied for the Institute specialized for film industry, where he studied for two years on techniques of lighting, and griping. Then he moved to Casablanca to study camera work, and audio-visual post production for a year. He started to work as camera an assistant, lighting technician, and also worked for a local e-magazine, as videographer. The e-magazine didn’t have a photographer, so they asked him to do some photo assignments for them, and they liked his work. From then Abdellah moved to photography. There are lots of other reasons too, but the main one he believes is the freedom he enjoys in this medium.


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