Behind the Fence, by Patricia Saraiva

When we arrived at the hotel to spend the weekend, it was already dark and nowhere to see or imagine where we were; so we had to wait for the next day. Next morning when I went out for a walk in the garden of the Inn, I didn’t believe what I had just seen! Behind the fence there was paradise, where everything was in perfect harmony, the mountain, the lake, and the beautiful weather.

Behind the Fence, by Patricia Saraiva

iPhone 4 | Exposure 1/400sec @ f/2.8 | ISO 80 | Focal Length 3.9mm | Flash Did not Fire
Behind the Fence, by Patricia Saraiva

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | April 13
Award Score: 65 (Value 12, Clarity 11, Composition 16, Style 12, Skill 12)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Travel Photography
Photograph Location: Lapinha, Minas Gerais | Brazil

Photographer: Patricia Saraiva (Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, Brazil) Registered
Patricia Saraiva born in the city of Apucarana, in Parana, Brazil, in 1969, daughter of Alda and Osmundo Saraiva. Lived with her parents and her two sisters, Angelica and Luciana, until the age of 16. Then, she moved to Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais, to do the first and the second years in high school, and then entered the medicine college. There, she lived with maternal grandparents. She graduated from the Faculty of Medical Sciences of Minas Gerais in 1993, specializing in next 5 years in Plastic Surgery. With the birth of her two children, Victoria and Andre, she started to take pictures of them and these were her first contacts with a camera.. She took photos that recordered growth, the rides, the games, the birthdays… The extent to which photographed, came to have their photos noticed and praised, as good quality and frame. Nowadays, whenever leaving home, and even within her medical bag, takes her camera and in the absence of that, she uses the phone’s camera, to record what calls her attention during the day, and during trips. Her first photographic exhibition, “Barcelona Balconies” occurred in 2011 in the city of Sao Paulo-SP-Brasil. In 2012, the same exhibition went to Belo Horizonte-MG, which ran for two months. She took records of the works of Antonio Francisco Lisboa, icon of Baroque art in Brazil, in the book: “The Aleijadinho-Catálogo Geral da obra” by Marcio Jardim(2012). Her greatest desire is to devote more time to photography and to improve her talent, which is her hobby and passion, through social networks and internet, where the photos are appreciated and known without borders.


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