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Japanese Neighborhood by Juarez MalavazziJapanese Neighborhood by Juarez Malavazzi

Japanese Neighborhood by Juarez Malavazzi

The lomo camera resurfaced around the world at the end of the 1990s thanks to some Austrians who were crazy about analog photography. It was originally a Russian camera, but with the advent of the internet, it became available all over the world. I bought one and had a lot of fun on the streets of São Paulo. The small camera allows for spontaneous shots and the quality of the negatives gives the images a freshness that is unmistakable.
Homem Casazul by Juarez MalavazziHomem Casazul by Juarez Malavazzi

Homem Casazul by Juarez Malavazzi

Photo taken during the filming of the documentary "The Pure Spirit of Brasil" for the World Cup in Germany in 2010, about the lifestyle of Brazilians where I was the second unit director. Producer O2 films. General direction by Marcelo Machado. Executive Producer: Fernando Meirelles (City of God). Editing by Daniel Rezende (Oscar-nominated)
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