Sandy Day, by Abdellah Azizi

It was late afternoon in Zagora, Morocco with an enjoyable weather. However, the nice weather suddenly changed to its worst. Added to that, sandy wind started blowing intensely. In spite of this, the locals did not rush to their houses, they just kept on working. They are simple, hardworking, and great people.

Sandy Day, by Abdellah Azizi

NIKON D90 | Exposure: 1/1600s @ f/11 | ISO 200 | Focal Length 170mm
Sandy Day, by Abdellah Azizi

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | May 21
Photo of the Day Award Category: Street Photography
Photograph Location: Zagora | Morocco

Photographer: Abdellah Azizi (Ouarzazate, Morocco)
Abdellah Azizi is 25 years old photographer from Morocco. He has been cameraman/lighting technician for 2 years, then moved to Photography for 6 mouths, and working for a local e-magazine. He loves to photograph South Moroccan landscapes, people, folklorists bands, and basically the life of the rich part of Africa.


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