Hilsa, by Ashik Masud

Hilsa or Ilish belongs to the species Tenualosa of the family Clupeidae, order Clupeiformes. Shad or Herring are a near relative of hilsa. Locally known as Ilish, the fish is an addiction of Bengalis especially to those who originated from Bangladesh. Each year a large number of fish are caught in the Padma-Meghna-Jamuna delta, which flows into the Bay of Bengal. It is a sea fish but it lay eggs in large rivers. After being born the young Ilish (known as Jatka) then swim back to the sea. However, those caught from the sea are not considered to be as tasty as those caught from the river. Hilsa from the Padma river are traditionally considered the best-tasting. Hilsa is the most exquisitely delicious fish that titillates the palates of Bangladeshi.

Hilsa, by Ashik Masud

Nikon D90 | Exposure 1/125s @ f/2.8 | ISO 400 | Focal Length 60mm
Hilsa, by Ashik Masud

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | December 28
Award Score: 58.5 (Value 11, Clarity 12, Composition 14, Style 10, Skill 11.5)
Photo of the Day Award Category: Documentary Photography
Photograph Location: Town Hall Bazzar, Mohammadpur, Dhaka | Bangladesh

Photographer: Ashik Masud (Dhaka, Bangladesh) Registered
Ashik Masud is a passionate shutter bug, lives in Dhaka, Bangladesh, specializing in people with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. Ashik mostly loves documentary photography, and loves to represent his country through his viewfinder. In professional life, he is an IT Professional. He likes to photograph people in their interaction with the world surrounding them and think photography is a wonderful medium to connect with people with respect and discover their cultures. He is a self-taught, and believes the best way to learn is to just do it.

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