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A Wonder Kid by Arif Hossain SayeedA Wonder Kid by Arif Hossain Sayeed

A Wonder Kid by Arif Hossain Sayeed

It was at Old Dhaka, a street vendor was selling umbrellas and people was passing by; my sixth sense said, “Here a photograph is waiting for me.” I got ready with my camera and suddenly a child came out and noticed me, but I wanted a candid, so after around five minutes when the child forgotten my present, she started playing something like hide and seek. I just wished, the vendor had not looked at me that time. I set a frame in my mind where two people would pass with motion one at right side and another one at left side.
Holi Kids by Arif Hossain SayeedHoli Kids by Arif Hossain Sayeed

Holi Kids by Arif Hossain Sayeed

In the vibrant chaos of a Holi festival celebration, a moment of pure joy was captured through my lens. Children, their faces smeared with bright hues of pink, blue, and yellow, were engrossed in playful mischief, throwing colorful powders at each other with glee. Amidst the flurry of colors and laughter, I snapped this photograph, freezing a fleeting moment of innocent happiness and camaraderie that defines the spirit of Holi.
The Old Skinny Woman by Arif Hossain SayeedThe Old Skinny Woman by Arif Hossain Sayeed

The Old Skinny Woman by Arif Hossain Sayeed

In the bustling heart of old Dhaka, I found myself wandering through the labyrinthine streets, where time seemed to have paused amidst the age-old architecture and timeless traditions. Amidst the vibrant chaos of the city, I chanced upon a poignant scene that resonated with the simplicity and resilience of daily life. A woman, draped in vibrant hues of traditional attire, was diligently collecting water from a hand well. Her silhouette stood out against the rustic backdrop, capturing a moment of quiet determination and grace. With a sense of reverence for the scene before me, I carefully framed and captured this photograph, a testament to the enduring spirit and everyday beauty of life in old Dhaka.
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