Folks at Panchmura, by Prasanta Singha

This shot was taken at a village of West Bengal, India by name Panchmura. This village is famous all over India for their extra ordinary clay models of HORSE, ELEPHANTS, OXEN & some Deity sculptures. This village was awarded by Indian President also for her outstanding clay works. As I am a travel photographer, i was visited this place and I found these locals siiting infront of ths house of amazing colors & of course with some outstanding texture generates by the clay pots.

Folks at Panchmura, by Prasanta Singha

Nikon D3000 | 1/1000sec at f4.5| ISO 800 | Focal Length 18mm
Folks at Panchmura, by Prasanta Singha

Photo of the Day Award Category: Travel Photography
Photograph Location: West Bengal | India

Photographer:Prasanta Singha (Kolkata, INDIA) Registered
Prasanta Singha consider himself as a travel photographer. He loves to depict the life of inhabitants & portrait of the people and also loves to capture their surroundings. He loves photography as he feels the passion in my blood flowing all the time from the heart to my brain. He has a hope that one day he would be able to contribute at least a little to the magical world of Photography.

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Hirak Ghosh
Hirak Ghosh
10 years ago

Congrats.Another great frame.