Waiting . . .

We are always waiting for something, aren’t we? Each and every one of us, at each and every moment, is waiting for something to happen. At night we are waiting to sleep and waiting for morning. In the morning we are waiting to get up, get ready, eat and start our work, then waiting for the night to come. Waiting waiting and waiting for each event.

Well, I have many desires and dreams and I am waiting for them to come true. I know you are waiting for it too. Waiting for someone who will come and appreciate you for who you are and what you did. You are also waiting to undo the things you did in the past of which you are not very proud of. Keep waiting and keep looking at the way, for if you keep waiting there will always be hope. The universe will be trying to end your waiting may be.

Waiting, by Simran Nanwani

Waiting, by Simran Nanwani

Look at this photograph that was taken by Simran Nanwani. What a beautiful portrait of the utmost practicality of human life. Waiting for their work to finish, waiting for their wish to come true, waiting and waiting to grow old that way.

Article written by: Israt Amin
Inspired by: Waiting, by Simran Nanwani

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