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9 reviews for PHO 109 Understanding Camera, Lenses, and Their Personalities

  1. Jenny Stoffel

    Taking this course is the most rewarding decision I’ve made for learning photography. Truly a great program!

  2. Emad Elsaid

    I would definitely recommend this course to anyone who is really interested to learn photography.

  3. Kent Routen

    I am very proud to be a student of this university. Every course has great standards!

  4. Amit Jain

    The timing is very flexible, I can start any time I want and move at my own pace.

  5. Alessandro

    Light & Composition is the best online university. I knew very little about photography, but completing the course made me confident to become a professional photographer.

  6. Manuel Felices

    It sounds really good

  7. Pat Brisbin

    This course is very thorough. Well worth taking it.

  8. Jesica Ahlberg

    If you are really serious to get into photography, but don’t know where to start… This is the course.

  9. Siarhei Zirukin

    It certainly made me a better photographer! I participated this course on my own time and learned a lot of skills and techniques. Thanks!

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