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Photo of the day 22072012 3s

Tulips in the Sunrise, by Sergiy Kadulin

The shot was made early morning, just after the sunrise, at the territory of Kyiv Landscape Park, where annual flower exhibition takes place. Low angle of sun light created nice contrast of shadows multicolor on tulips' bulbs. Award Winner:…
Photo of the day 29122011s

Climbing Hoverla, by Enrique Aviles

This photo was taken while climbing Hoverla mountain in Ukraine. Not used to this type of weather and without the proper protection (snow came early), my fingers almost froze and I came close to hypothermia. With help from the guide, I recovered…
Photo of the day 21092010

Cows Area, by Sergey Tomas

Near Kramatorsk (Donetsk, Ukraine) is a wonderful natural sights: a regional landscape park "Kramatorsk". Its area is very large, but are noteworthy chalk cliffs in the village Belokuzminovka that against the background of forest-steppe landscape…