Tidbits of Joy

My 3 year old niece would jump at the site of this photo, and so do I. Haven’t you feel the same enthusiasm as a kid? Such is the impact of chocolate, which can bring out the kid in oneself. It can offer so many emotions to you. Chocolate acts as an expression of emotions, which is a reason it is so addictive. There is no end to the excuses, or rather, reasons, to eat chocolate.


Chocolate! by Swaroop Singha Roy

Photographs like this capture the beauty of the chocolate, the essence of our emotional outburst. They evoke the thirst to experience those insatiable tidbits. Photographer Swaroop Singha Roy (Kolkata, West Bengal, India) captures all those emotions of those exotic items so beautifully that I am already getting ready to go the chocolate shop. And yes, I am taking my niece with me. I can’t afford to miss those raw emotions on her face while enjoying those dripping chocolates. That is another beauty of chocolate…it is best enjoyed with someone else. You have to share the joy to enjoy its taste fully. What does the kid in you say? Share your thoughts!

Photo of the Day | May 09 | Chocolate! by Swaroop Singha Roy

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