The serenity of an ending

Every termination brings a moment of peace with it, a moment before the next thing starts. A little while to rest up, to ponder the past, to fuel up for the future, and that is a very beautiful moment. Just like a sunset- a setting sun means a lot of things, than just the mere ending of the day, it also brings certain serenity with it. All the hassle associated with the day also ends with it. With the most beautiful array of colors and light that is softer than talc, lighter than air, which gives everything a soft golden glow. Sunset is the most beautiful moment of a day as captured by Cameron Cope taken at Pic Malawi, New Caledonia in this magnificent photograph.

Sunset over Noumea, by Cameron Cope

Sunset over Noumea, by Cameron Cope

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | March 07 | Sunset over Noumea, by Cameron Cope

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