The path not taken

As a little kid we had so many dreams, we wanted to be so many things when we grow up, have you ever think about that? All those things you wanted to be, pilot, astronaut, doctor, working in a chocolate factory, do you remember them? Then there were those options while growing up, you could have became, but chose not to, how about those? Does the concept of opportunity cost bother you? Every decision we make takes us through different forks of the path of life, and there is one path not taken. In those vulnerable moments of self-doubt I sometimes sit and think about those paths, what it could have been, what it might be. Sometimes they confuse me more, sometimes they help, to reaffirm my decision and help me stand up again. This enticing photograph by Cameron Cope reminded me of that moment, when I was dwelling on the path not taken.

Pier Ruins, by Cameron Cope

Pier Ruins, by Cameron Cope

Article written by: Sadia Naheen
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | October 13 | Pier Ruins, by Cameron Cope

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  1. Neige Sonar
    Neige Sonar says:

    The path not taken is always there, right besides you. It is the equation lying in wait, ready to evolve in the material world, waiting to take up it’s colors.


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