The Dark Shadow

Every one of us keeps ourselves in a self-drawn circle…I have one…you also have one…haven’t you? Do we have time to look around and to look beyond our self-implied circle? Life has become like that. For everyone. Like there is a dark shadow hovering over us. We are trying our heart and soul to run away from those shadows and we are forgetting about the accompanied ones around us in the quest. The world around us may be flourished with color and for most of us it may have one shade, though may be different for everyone. Don’t you think in the run of life we tend to forget about these colors and keeps just running? Don’t you feel like the colors are distorting with each passing day?

Gossiping of the Shadows, by Biplab Arahan

Gossiping of the Shadows, by Biplab Arahan

With each passing day the circles are getting smaller and losing the shades only keeping the gloomy ones like in the picture taken by Biplab Arahan Majumder, where he photographed a moment that describes so many shades of life. The man in the picture is seeking help from other visitors in the fair, and very naturally, he doesn’t have any idea that some people were gossiping behind the plastic sheet of his back. His eyes were only searching for the help he needs.

The black & white color of the picture implies the actual colors of life and describing the dark shadow behind our any needs, our any looks. Looking at the picture can you feel your shades of life? What do you think it is telling you?

Article written by: Mohiuddin Ahmed
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Source: Photo of the Day | April 21 | Gossiping of the Shadows, by Biplab Arahan Majumder

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  1. Biplab arahan Majumder
    Biplab arahan Majumder says:

    Yes That is very true, there are some nature which every human being can not avoid at all..:)


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