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The journey of Photo of the Day is endless, from one continent to the next, a journey that gives one an understanding of people, nature, and culture. We believe, when one feels it from the heart and captures the moment with their camera, it becomes iconic, which is special to share with the whole world. Let’s share it with others.

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Dessert for Winter by Diep Tran(c) Light & Composition University
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Dessert for Winter by Diep Tran

What more do you want when you have a good cook at home to make the food you want to eat and photograph. This apple cake was so delicious, especially in winter. I tried to give it a more appealing look by choosing a rustic background and adding…
Pune Street Smile by Ryszard Wierzbicki(c) Light & Composition University
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Pune Street Smile by Ryszard Wierzbicki

For me the trip to India, in the state of Maharastra was one of the most fruitful from photographic point of view. The portraits I had taken during this travel experience are vastly published on various websites and photographic forums. As a…
A Simple Lighthouse by Fabrizio Bues(c) Light & Composition University
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A Simple Lighthouse by Fabrizio Bues

Lighthouses are one of the most iconic subject in the east coast of the United States. This one is well placed on a descending side of a hill. It has a difficult path to reach there. I like to imagine that an old man with the pipe in his mouth,…