Have you ever noticed that there are so many things that attract and distract our attention…things in life that consumes us and a lot of our time, energy, and attention? This all leads to tiredness, exhaustion, and people desire peace and quiet. But though it may seem strange, people often avoid quietude, dread a quiet environment, and prefer noise, constant activity, and the hustle and bustle of daily life. They do their best to avoid any moments of stillness and feel uneasy in such situations. But then again, in this calmness we develop our own insight and create our own world. We try to see everything around us the way we want to and sometimes this may be so surreal that we ourselves are amazed at this sigh; creating the extraordinary from the ordinary.


River Painting, by Swaroop Singha Roy

A similar thing happens with this photo taken by photographer Swaroop Singha Roy (Kolkata, West Bengal, India), during his visit to Dumka, Jharkhand (India) on the Massanjore Dam. In the blurry scene of the Mayurakshi River where a few boatmen sail, the cloud’s reflection can be seen on the river, creating such a surreal scene.

This photo makes us wonder what the real world is actually about. Isn’t the world always what we perceive it to be? What do you think? Share your thoughts with us.

Photo of the Day | May 15 | River Painting, by Swaroop Singha Roy

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  1. Khalid Mahmood
    Khalid Mahmood says:

    words to be weld in our heart and soul.thank u vry much sir the way u tried to wake us to walk a healthy n happy jog of life.


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