In the stillness of this scenic lake, is the moment we realize that in nature’s quietness, is where all our answers lie. As the morning rises, and our search for all the questions in our minds begin, we find it calming to know, all that we are looking for is right here. Whenever our minds are scattered with numerous thoughts and confusion, the best thing to do is to connect with nature. It is then, that we realize everything is as it should be, finding that balance within ourselves in the midst of tranquility. Search for the solitude and calmness, be still, and without any hesitation, the solution will come creeping in. Wouldn’t it be nice to try to be calm from our hurried lives, connect, and embrace the moment?

A November Morning, by Henri Coleman

A November Morning, by Henri Coleman

In this photograph by Henri Coleman, she describes how the tones of the scene and the feeling of Autumn inspired her to simply capture the moment. This image truly depicts the solitary and serene moment, which in its own, feels magical. How amazing it is that when the moment is right, magic happens.

Article written by: Simran Nanwani
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | January 25 | A November Morning, by Henri Coleman

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