Steve Hirsch

Steve Hirsch grew up with a love of photography, had a darkroom in his basement and photographed throughout high school. He took some time off to get married, raise 3 girls and become an otolaryngologist. Now that the kids have grown he has renewed his interest in his favorite hobby. His other favorite pastime is travel. The two passions go hand-in-hand, travel landscape and wildlife photography. In order to grow as a photographer he has attended workshops in Africa and various locations. He continues to travel all over the world and the United states to capture animals in their natural habitat and photograph beautiful landscapes in all different seasons of the year and various lighting. His artwork adorns the walls of his home, his friends, family and clients homes as well as medical offices. He feels photography is his way to express oneself artistically and connect with people on a very basic level. He enjoys the process of planning and traveling to each unique location, patiently taking the best shot and exploring the best way to display his works of art. He currently lives in Columbus Ohio USA.

Camera Gear: Canon 5DII
Current Location: Columbus,Ohio, USA
Best Achievements & Exhibitions:
Light & Composition Photo of the Day Award

Some of Steve Hirsch’s Most Popular Award Achievements

Hanging Lakes, by Steve Hirsch

Hanging Lakes, by Steve Hirsch

The snowfall in the winter of 2011 was a record in Colorado which led to a massive runoff in the spring. With my wife Sheila and good friends Barry and Shelly,...
Deerfield Pier, by Steve Hirsch

Deerfield Pier, by Steve Hirsch

I planned this photo shoot 1 hour prior to sunrise beneath the Deerfield Beach pier. Not a person was in sight this time of the morning but shortly before sunri...

Boynton Canyon Storms, by Steve Hirsch
Florida Gator, by Steve Hirsch
Great Blue, by Steve Hirsch
Hanging Lakes, by Steve Hirsch
Crystal Mill, by Steve Hirsch
Fire in the Desert, by Steve Hirsch
Margerie Glacier, by Steve Hirsch
Pompano at Dawn, by Steve Hirsch
Deerfield Pier, by Steve Hirsch
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Recent Reflections Based on Steve Hirsch’s Photographs

Integrated with nature

Integrated with nature

As humans, we are capable of many great things, but our most beautiful creations are often found in the ones that merge with nature. And the more time elapses, ...

Integrated with nature
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