Simple Pleasures

There are simple things in life, in food, around us, everywhere; little things which go unnoticed, yet add value to the larger content. Have you ever thought about that? Think about it…look around you…you will find plenty of things.

A little smile or gesture can swing the mood in a room. A simple pass from a player in the deep in a football field can change a game. A little bird on a window which can sustain our attention for a moment can refresh our lives. These are big things. However, even in simple things, such as cufflinks in a shirt or eyeshadow on a face can make an impact. Even in food there are the simplest ingredients which make those dishes standout.

Fried Red Chili, by Imran Choudhury

Fried Red Chili, by Imran Choudhury

And then when I looked at the photograph taken by Imran Choudhury (Norrköping, Sweden), the traditional Bengali in me got an adrenaline boost at the site of those red chillies. Chillies are a regular ingredient in Bengali cuisine, especially on the 14th of April, which is the Bengali new year, it is our tradition to eat watery rice, different kinds of mashed potato, fish, vegetable, or any other food item with fried-dried red chili with salt.

This photo ascertains the impact of little things upon us. Even little chillies on a white plate can stir up our emotions. Little things do astound us, don’t they? Share your thoughts with us.

Photo of the Day | May 10 | Fried Red Chili, by Imran Choudhury

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