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Photo of the day 09022013 1

The Sign of Change, by Shahnaz Parvin

This picture narrates the changing fate of Bangladesh. The nation is going through a spontaneous mass protest demanding capital punishment for the war criminals of the country. Here people of all age, as well as the children of the freedom fighters…
Photo of the day 07022013 2

Spirited Bangladesh, by Shahnaz Parvin

The photograph was taken at the Ekushey Book Fair of 2013, the month long festival of February where Bangladesh celebrates its Mother Language Movement of 1952, inspired by which the International Mother Language Day is observed all over the…
Photo of the day 07022013 1

Fiery Protest, by Ashik Masud

We refused to leave the street and go home until our demand of capital punishment for war criminals are met. Took this photograph on yesterday evening, February 06, 2013, when thousands joined at Shahbag intersection in Dhaka, Bangladesh. It…