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Acqua Alta, by Sébastien Beun

Acqua Alta, by Sébastien Beun

Saturday, March 30th, Venice, Italy. It was close to 21:00 when the sirens that announce the exceptional tide peaks that sometimes occur in the northern Adriatic Sea rang throughout the city. I was in my hotel room when I heard the alert system…
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To the Sea, by Sébastien Beun

This image shows a very small part of the Fort Saint Elmo of Valletta, Malta, that is situated on the seaward shore of the Peninsula of the city. It was originally just a watchtower that was reinforced since 1533 due to its strategic position,…
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A Sea of Grass by Sébastien Beun

This picture shows the beautiful Volterra, an old Tuscan city situated in the province of Pisa, which was an important place in the Middle Ages. Its origin goes back to the Neolithic time. The city was already a major center in the Etruscan…