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Pink Petals, by Sandra Frimpong

Petals blossoming indicates spring or its near, some are white, pink and yellow. Slowly fluttering as with grace, They are soft, gentle and they caress our world with soft essence and beauty. As we pass by we are also immersed and affected…
Winter in My Mind, by Sandra Frimpong

Winter in My Mind, by Sandra Frimpong

I was on vacation in Austria, while visiting the Zoo with my son. This picture shows the very entrance to one of the most famous and beautiful places to visit in Europe, Schönbrunn Zoo or commonly known as Vienna Zoo founded as an imperial…
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Broken and Blessed, by Sandra Frimpong

The title to this picture was inspired by a song I was listing to "Broken and Blessed. Everything under nature goes through change. Sometimes the change is about been broken down so you can be a rebuilt. The weather is a prime example ; the…