Ronnie Glover

Photography took a backseat while Ronnie obtained his college degree. After graduation, he purchased his first camera but was unable to produce the images that he saw in his mind. He then took a few continuing education classes to learn the technical aspects of the camera and realized there was so much more to learn about photography. So Ronnie enrolled in the professional program at Southeastern Center for the Arts in Atlanta. The school was operated by Jeanne & Neil Chaput de Saintonge, who currently operate Rocky Mountain School of Photography. He spent 14 years living in Alaska and this gave him unbelievable opportunities to experience nature and capture many images. Ronnie also enjoys sports and travel photography and the experience of different cultures. It is his wish that his images will expose others to the beauty of nature, the inspiration of physical pursuits, and other cultures and promote a greater understanding of each. Most recently, he has ventured into the exploding mobile photography realm using his iPhone to document running and sporting events. He invites everyone to enjoy his gallery and feel free to contact him with any comments.
Ronnie Glover

Ronnie Glover

Some of Ronnie Glover’s Most Popular Award Achievements

Tin, Light, and the Window, by Ronnie Glover

Tin, Light, and the Window, by Ronnie Glover

I took this photograph while exploring the docks around the harbor in Gig Harbor, Washington. I liked the angle of the light and the composition created with th...
Climb Your Mountain Every Day, by Ronnie Glover

Climb Your Mountain Every Day, by Ronnie Glover

I used this image of an ice climber as an inspirational print. While this is a sport for this climber, everyone has their daily challenges and this is a symbol ...

Lighthouse on the California Coast, by Ronnie Glover
Friends at Sunset, by Ronnie Glover
Crater Lake, by Ronnie Glover
From the California Coast, by Ronnie Glover
Terracotta Warriors, by Ronnie Glover
Happy Camp, by Ronnie Glover
Climb Your Mountain Every Day, by Ronnie Glover
Watching the Watchers, by Ronnie Glover
Frosty Moon, by Ronnie Glover
Winter, by Ronnie Glover
Clouds Among the Mountain Peaks, by Ronnie Glover
Ski Trail, by Ronnie Glover
Star Trails, by Ronnie Glover
Rainy Day at the River, by Ronnie Glover
No Trespass, by Ronnie Glover
Julia Pfeiffer Burns State Park, by Ronnie Glover
Blast Off, by Ronnie Glover
Misty Morning Duck, by Ronnie Glover
Window Boxes, by Ronnie Glover
Alaska Summer Dusk, by Ronnie Glover
Daisy, by Ronnie Glover
Beach at Dusk, by Ronnie Glover
Winter Day, by Ronnie Glover
Inside your own 10, by Ronnie Glover
Mountain Stream, by Ronnie Glover
Across the Winter Landscape, by Ronnie Glover
Dogs and the Hiker, by Ronnie Glover
Happy View, by Ronnie Glover
Lone Tree at Winter Sunset, by Ronnie Glover
On the Court, by Ronnie Glover
Tin, Light, and the Window, by Ronnie Glover
Mt.McKinley, by Ronnie Glover
At the Water's Edge, by Ronnie Glover
Rush Hour in Rural Alaska, by Ronnie Glover
Hang in There, by Ronnie Glover
Life in the Hutong, by Ronnie Glover
Moonset over Mt Susitna, by Ronnie Glover
Bull Moose, by Ronnie Glover
Portage Lake, by Ronnie Glover
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Recent Reflections Based on Ronnie Glover’s Photographs

Journey to the Strange New World

Journey to the Strange New World

Let your mind start a journey through a strange new world. Leave all thoughts of the world you knew before. Let your soul take you where you long to be. Let you...
Celebration of Scattered Joy

Celebration of Scattered Joy

Do you like the wildness of nature? It always mesmerizes me! The raw and rough sense of existence, I feel as if it manifests life at its best. The freedom of be...

Journey to the Strange New World
Celebration of Scattered Joy
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