Remember the Thorns!

Where does the end of horizon lie? You think you’re just there. But no! You’re never there. Like the fluttering butterfly your journey’s end keeps changing its path. May be its because there’s lot more to it; more to see, more to explore, and more to enjoy! The adventure may not always be a bed of roses. But thorns has their own rewards. They are blessings in disguise; for the only means to touch the rose is by going through the pains offered.

Remember the Thorns!

Window to Beyond, by Laria Saunders

The photograph was taken by Laria Saunders in Santa Ynez, California. See, you get access beyond the window only after going through the thorns! This is why everyone should keep cactus in their windows; so that they may never forget that going through pain is the only way towards pleasure! What do you think about it? Share your thoughts with me!

Photo of the Day | August 10 | Window to Beyond, by Laria Saunders

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  1. Laria Saunders
    Laria Saunders says:

    Hello Ridita, your comment is wonderful and literally depicts my life! Pain does not need to be the path but if it is, there is nothing more triumphant than overcoming great suffering by knowing what is untouched, always free. Thank you for bringing such insight to this photo.

  2. Robert Felix
    Robert Felix says:

    The message i read is and very true .Something went to my mind after reading it . We can be prepared before our journey to the pleasure beyond. By Preparing ourselves before our journey to pleasure, we can hurdle the thorns with lesser pains . We can be properly armoured or carry sharp cutting tools to take care of the thorns, thereby easing the fear of the pains that may befall upon us as we pass through The Thorns as we go on our Journey !


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