When We Used to Fly Kites

At different stages of our lives, we do different things. As kids, some of us used to fly kites. Perhaps it is much less common for the younger generations, who live in more condensed surroundings and more used to spend time playing computer games. For those of us who had the childhood of staying in rural areas and playing outdoors, we would handmade our own kites and fly them high in the sky.

Someday, by Phillip Biboso

Someday, by Phillip Biboso

This photograph taken by Phillip Biboso in Koronadal City, Philippines shows two kids flying a kite in silhouette image with some wild flowers. The composition is beautiful. It makes some of us recall similar moments in our childhood days.

Written by: Siew Bee Lim
Inspired by: Someday, by Phillip Biboso

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