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When We Used to Fly Kites

At different stages of our lives, we do different things. As kids, some of us used to fly kites. Perhaps it is much less common for the younger generations, who live in more condensed surroundings and more used to spend time playing computer games. For those of us who had the childhood of staying in rural areas and playing outdoors, we would handmade our own kites and fly them high in the sky.
The Paperboy, by Shahnaz Parvin

When a Kid Selling Newspaper

A few years after I started working, I visited Jakarta on business trip. It was late 1990. When we were on the road between hotel and office, there were a few paperboys selling newspaper to car drivers and passengers. There was traffic congestion, and the vehicles moved very slowly. The paperboys were very young.
Life in the Hutong, by Ronnie Glover

The Most Memorable Bicycle

I used to ride bicycles. When I was in higher primary, I cycled to school. During higher schools, I cycled from our village to the main road outside where the bus stops were. The most memorable bicycle I had was given by my fifth aunt, a younger sister of my mother. It was designed for ladies. I had ridden it for many years, until our neighborhood vacated from the village.