Waiting for Today’s Blessing

Life sometimes is not as easy as some people picture it. Sometimes we have to go through different situations to get where we are. It can be easy, or not too easy for some. Some days can be better than others, but when we get through those situations we have to be wise about it and always humble. When we do that we will reach our true destiny. I could be a perfect example of that.

Waiting, by Simran Nanwani

Waiting, by Simran Nanwani

Isn’t it amazing how low-class street vendors wait for their next sale, to sell some of their humble products? Some days are better than others. I got inspired by this “Photo of the Day” “Waiting” by Simran Nanwani, which showcases how people patiently and calmly wait.

Written by: Jose R Negron
Inspired by: Waiting, by Simran Nanwani

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