When it Clicks

Have u heard about “right time, right place”? Do you believe everything depends on it, or everything is predestined?
Well, its true that when the time comes, and if you are in right place, everything else seem to fall into places. Its an amazing experience! Want to have a glimpse of such a moment? Then all you have to do is just look at the photo below…

When it Clicks

Be the First, by Joaquín Alonso Arellano Ramírez

Its a photo a with a positive message. Photographer Joaquín Alonso Arellano Ramírez has captured this rare moment when you can scream with joy “Be the First!” Just visualize and click your shutter, and you have the magical moment of the right time forever! Great photography, no! How do you like it? Tell me your thoughts!

Photo of the Day | September 23 | Be the First, by Joaquín Alonso Arellano Ramírez

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