Sweetness of the Blissful Waiting

There is a famous quote: “There is never a night that could defeat the sunrise”. In my darkest of nights, I often think about this and wait alone for the morning to surface. Each time the sun greets me with new joy and hope to live and carry on one more time.

Waiting for Sunrise, by Anup Kar

Waiting for Sunrise, by Anup Kar

This photo taken by Anup Kar in Sandakfu, Darjeeling, reminds me of this quote, and moments of new beginnings. The photographers’ longing for the view of far hills and mountains, the peaks of Kanchendzonga and Everest at sunrise, goes with the remembrance of my new beginnings.

Can you, like the photographers here, relate to the sweetness of waiting for the bliss?
What are your thoughts? Share with me!

Article written by: Ridita Mizan
Edited by: Nilla Palmer
Inspired by: Photo of the Day | June 26 | Waiting for Sunrise, by Anup Kar

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Anup kar
Anup kar
9 years ago

Thanks a lot light and composition