Light & Composition Refletions

With Stories that Bring Together the Life We Experience

There are moments in our lives that inspire us; some are colorful, others black and white, fading away, yet they remain special, regardless. With Light & Composition Reflections we express ourselves with stories that bring together the life we experience, binding everything together into the oneness we represent.


The Forbidden Beauty

Have you ever thought: why do we always feel attracted towards the forbidden things? Why does the prohibited appeal us? From Adam and Eve to Edward Cullen and Bella Swan, why does the capital “NO” signs lure us the most?Few things…

Language of Silence

Have you ever felt the silence of the trees? The silence that has its own language. It tells the story of unyielding endurance. With solid hardness trees stand firmly from the beginning of time, remind me one of the most famous photographs,…