Magical Nights

Have you ever thought if you can turn back time to a special night, a night that you kept in your mind and heart forever? When Christmas eve is getting near with all the Christmas lights on the neighborhood, it reminds me of years ago; with the snow coming down and us sitting at the fireplace as a family. And the great thing about it is that those memories will never end. We can always create new memories with our loved ones and you will see that those magical nights will always live forever.

Mozart's Snowflake, by Bill Wilson

Mozart's Snowflake, by Bill Wilson

This photograph took me back to that time where dreams never end. It was very inspiring what Bill Wilson called his photograph “Mozart’s Snowflake”. His photo and also its story can take us back in time.

Written by: Jose R Negron
Inspired by: Mozart’s Snowflake, by Bill Wilson

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