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Destination Unknown

When you were a child, did you have abrupt fantasies? One day to conquer the world, the other day to fly to moon. What fun those days were! But then, you had to grow up. In the long and tiring process of growing up your old wild fantasies were…
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Sunset Camel Ride by Rabih Madi

This is while I was heading back from a Full Day of Desert Safari between Abu Dhabi & Dubai in UAE. I was taking pictures of some ATVs and I saw this person taking a ride on a Camel while his family was waiting for him. This person was in…
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Pelicans Resting, by Rabih Madi

This is during my Aruba Vacation of June 2012. While walking down the beach, I noticed all the pelicans on their respective pole. They have been diving for fish and noticed this perfect opportunity to capture this. Award Winner: Photo of…