The Artisans of the Moment

Light & Composition Registered Photographers

To us, our award-winning photographers are special; they are the artisans of the moment. Every month, we will highlight their winning photographs many times with the photographer's interview, in our vast social media. A genuine photographer should get registered with us to obtain the maximum exposure from our photographic network!

Roseanne Orim(c) Light & Composition University

Roseanne Orim

Born and raised in Nigeria, and living on her own in England for over half a decade, Roseanne Orim is now living in Dubai. Her love affair with cooking and food in general began over a decade ago when in true Nigerian fashion, being a girl and all, was frequently summoned into the kitchen, standing over a pot of soup, stirring hawk-eyed until the meal was ready and the aroma diffused through the house.
Ravi Rawat(c) Light & Composition University

Ravi Rawat

Ravi rawat lives in india. He is a pastry chef as well as a self taught photographer. He loves to click portrait, landscape, and food photography. Whenever he gets time from his work he loves to travel, meet new peoples, and read books. As a chef he likes to work with breads, cakes, and pastry both. ...
Juhi Saxena(c) Light & Composition University

Juhi Saxena

Juhi Saxena, an amateur photographer from India and living in Singapore for 2 years. She is a mother of two kids and blogging on the tips for cooking food for kids. She wishes to work further in the food industry and continue blogging and photography of kids meals.