The Artisans of the Moment

Light & Composition Registered Photographers

To us, our award-winning photographers are special; they are the artisans of the moment. Every month, we will highlight their winning photographs many times with the photographer's interview, in our vast social media. A genuine photographer should get registered with us to obtain the maximum exposure from our photographic network!

Yamini Krishna(c) Light & Composition

Yamini Krishna

Yamini Krishna, a self-taught photographer from Nagpur, India is an IT professional by profession and into photography as a serious amateur. She has been framing shots since last 4-5 years, and has keen interest in environmental, portraiture, architecture, travel, and street photography. She plans to make this her profession and is working towards the same.
Lavi Dhurve(c) Light & Composition

Lavi Dhurve

Lavi dhurve is form a small village located in the state of Madhya Pradesh, known as the ‘Heart of India’. She loves her village life. To her every little thing is beautiful. Lavi loves art, culture, nature, children, and photographing them. She thinks life is beautiful and loves to experience the beauty with her photography, especially the sunrise, sunset, new places, and its people.
Dr Martin Raskovsky(c) Light & Composition

Dr Martin Raskovsky

Dr. Martín Raskovsky is an eclectic artist with an incomparable and complex aesthetic touch. Dr. Raskovsky's visionary journey and passion for photography was born very early and followed a stimulating and remarkable evolution that has resulted in thought provoking, intellectual and deeply evocative works of art.