Agnieszka Bodes

Born in Poland, Agnieszka Bodes lives in Ottawa, Canada. In 2011 she started a fashion blog called Dayweardilemmas, but her relationship with food grew more passionate than her love for fashion. She decided to create an Instagram profile called Dayliciousdilemmas (as food choices seem to be endless, and the question of what to eat is asked on a daily basis). She is constantly creating or testing new recipes. Her greatest inspiration is mother nature and natural light. Agnieszka uses self-painted photo backdrops and flea market finds to style her food photos. She believes that food is much more than most people think. It’s a mixture of colors, textures and flavours but also a script of childhood memories, moments shared with closest people, and details that often pass by unseen.

Current Location
Ottawa, Canada


Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Canon EOS 600D/EOS Rebel T3i

Lenses and Gears
Canon EF 50mm f/1.4 USM

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