Milad Tower by Hesam Zareei

This photo was taken in 2016 at Milad Tower in Iran, TehranWhen I went to Milad Tower by school, I took this photoI made this photo black and white to make it more beautiful, and also slightly changed the photo frame that appears in the raw photoThis photo is taken almost 9-10 am in the fall season

Huawei Y520 with 18_135mm | Exposure 1/640sec @ f/7.1 | ISO 100 | Focal length 105mm

Award Winner
Photo of the Day

Award Date
September 26, 2019



Value 11
Clarity 10
Composition 16
Style 11
Skill 10

Photograph Location
Milad Tower, Tehran, Iran

Hesam Zareei was born in 2001 in Tehran, Iran. He studied at Iran’s Television School and he’s interested in mobile photography. He began photography in 2017 and, with the help of his teacher, improved his photos. He is still very young and looking for improvement and showing his pictures to people. He hopes to become famous in the future as a photographer and to present his photos in photographic galleries

Current Location
Tehran, Iran


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