The Spectator and the Competitor, by Prasanth Chandran

Before the big race, the competitor in the snake boat was warming up with his team, as the inquisitive spectators in the small boat were watching them. As part of Onam celebration, a grand festival in Kerala, an annual snake boat race is conducted – the Champakara Boat Race, wherein oarsmen from different parts of Kerala compete for the coveted title of the best rowing team.

The Spectator and the Competitor, by Prasanth Chandran

The Spectator and the Competitor, by Prasanth Chandran

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | September 30
Photo of the Day Award Category: Artistic Photography
Photograph Location: Kerala | India

Photographer: Prasanth Chandran P (Kerala, India)
Prasanth Chandran’s passion for photography is what reflects in his photographs. In each image, which he captures through his camera, he wants the world to see and know the story within. The journey with his camera, as an amateur photographer, began in the year 2009. Having captured varied essences of myriad locations, people, festivities and more within Kerala, he ventures ahead to tell more stories. Stories that will inspire and move the heart, body and soul of the viewer.

15 reviews
  1. Richal Azuarte
    Richal Azuarte says:

    Esta toma es espectacular, aqui observo al equipo remar de espaldas al objetivo, el lider esta claro hacia donde los lleva, eso es liderazgo, un lider y los seguidores en equipo por el mismo objetivo, o meta, en este caso.

  2. Prasanth
    Prasanth says:

    Thank you friends for the comments and suggestions… thank you so much… and thank you Light and composition magazine for selecting my picture…. thank u

  3. Vipin Kuttadan
    Vipin Kuttadan says:

    The color contrast between the waters – light and dark is like the difference between the competitor and the spectator…

  4. Rajib
    Rajib says:

    Love the shadow of the bridge. It shows us the photographer wants to show us the truth, which is rear in the time of Photoshop.

  5. Sumoj
    Sumoj says:

    Excellent precision..clearly depicts the contrasts of life…The ones seeking pure pleasure,and the others creating an adrenaline rush .. all the best and keep clicking :)

  6. Deepak
    Deepak says:

    The Shade of the Bridge from which the Photographer took the pic is seen on the pic. That gives away the beauty. You can see the electric wires also in the shade.


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