Lily Drops, by Anubhav Jain

A canceled flight led my wife and I to spend a day exploring Atlanta. We found a fantastical botanical garden that was very photogenic after a recent rainfall. Here, I focused my camera on droplets of water that had collected on some lily pads. I find it interesting how the photo shows a relationship between the size of the droplets and their roundness. I also sometimes imagine the droplets racing to the center of the lily pad. While compact cameras certainly have their limitations, their macro modes are usually very good for capturing this sort of thing!

Lily Drops, by Anubhav Jain

Canon SD1000 | Exposure f/2.8 @ 1/320s | ISO 80
Lily Drops, by Anubhav Jain

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | September 29
Photo of the Day Award Category: Artistic Photography
Photograph Location: Atlanta | The United States

Photographer: Anubhav Jain (Berkeley, CA)
Anubhav Jain is an amateur photographer. He is currently based in Berkeley, CA, but most of his photographs come from his travels. He usually shoots with consumer point-and-shoot cameras, such as the Canon SD1000 or S90. Anubhav is interested in many genres of photography, as he believes all types of photos can tell a story. He is working to sharpen his skills so that he can communicate more clearly through his photographs and develop his style. This is his first submission to a contest and he is looking forward to learning from the photography community.


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