Summit Lake, by Christine Sovig Gilbert

This photograph was taken in August 2010 on Mount Evans in the Colorado Rocky Mountains. Mount Evans is one of the handful of Rocky Mountain peaks over 14000 feet where it is actually possible to drive up to the summit. Summit Lake is nearly at the peak, and a popular place to stop and climb the rest of the way in the summer months.

Summit Lake, by Christine Sovig Gilbert

Summit Lake, by Christine Sovig Gilbert

Award Winner: Photo of the Day | September 13
Photo of the Day Award Category: Landscape Photography
Photograph Location: Colorado | The United States

Photographer: Christine Sovig Gilbert (Denver, USA) Registered
Christine Sovig Gilbert is commonly known as Strumpet101 in the metaverse. Born to Norwegian parents in Rapid City, South Dakota, Christine has an international background as a third culture child. She received her M.A. in English from the University of Bergen in 1994 and has since then lived in Abu Dhabi, Texas, South Australia, and is now based in Denver, Colorado. She is an avid gamer and mother of two boys. Besides her interest in photography, she is the office manager for a small consultancy and an active member of the online world. This is her first year photographing with a DSLR.


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  1. Hanna Greenwood
    Hanna Greenwood says:

    I would love to explore the area. Just being there. Using my senses, feel the wind, the scents and see the light change while the clouds have different colors and travel across the sky. Thank you for the experience


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